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Hello vFriend,

My purpose is to help other neurodivergent brains to uncover and express their authenticity, so we can lead a happier life in a world that is increasingly digital and virtual.

I‘m Julia Hager, a neurodivergent and very soon-to-be psychologist and digital communication expert with a professional career experience of 30 years. My late diagnosis of AUDHD has enabled me to understand how important it is for us to understand how our brains work, and to find the right ways to work with that, rather than trying to fix something that others tell us is broken.

Our brains are not broken and neither are we (even if it feels like that sometimes). But to believe that, you need to understand it first. To find your path, you first have to get to know who you really are.

(*vFriend is for virtual friend 8-)

From one happy Introvert to another

As Introverts we can't do without the online world, and yet often it is addictive, distracting and annoying. It can cause anxiety and stress and even pose a real threat to our privacy.

It is sheer impossible to know and understand everything that keeps you safe online, but it is possible to understand how it affects our brains, what to look out for, and what to avoid.


In my career it was my job to use online technologies to find out as much as possible about the targeted buyers and then use that intelligence to subtly influence what they see online, in order to make them believe that they want to really do x,y,z next. In the last 30 years the technologies for that have become very sophisticated and are being used for more purposes, which are not always ethical.


But if you know them, you also know how to avoid them or use them to your benefit - in order to safeguard not only your personal data, but also your mental health, welll-being and your brain (quite literally)! That's especially important for our neurodivergent brains.

This is what I will share here with you. Here's my buffet for my fellow Introverts :-) Please pick your interest:

The topics in grey are in creation, this page was created in January 2023 and I invite you to come back later if the topic of your interest is not yet red.

"But Why?" you ask....

Here are some answers to common questions. If your's doesn't show up here, you would help me immensely if you'd mail it to me.
I shall not give you a virtual cookie for it ;-)

"What is Digital Psychology, or Cyberpsychology?"

Both is the same, only in the English-speaking world the term "Cyberpsychology" is used, rather than "Digital Psychology. "Cyberpsychology is a developing field that encompasses all psychological phenomena associated with or affected by emerging technology. It is the study of the human mind and behavior and how the culture of technology, specifically, virtual reality, the internet, and social media, affect them. (read more here). The bachelor and master degree in this major of applied psychology was created in 2021.

Don't you use the marketing technologies you speak of right now on this website on me?

I use only anonymised visitor numbers that give me an idea for example how many visitors this website had at a given date and what they were most interested in. This allows me to improve the usefulness of my content, which is the only purpose. Since I don't depend on this financially, I have no reason to properly track you. And even if I were out to earn money, there are other, better ways to do that online, in an open and fully transparent way. For detailed information please see the our disclaimer here.
This is why I am, and will be, very selective in the choice of online platforms I use. For example: The webprovider of this site is a Dutch one, subject to strict data privacy laws of the European Union. As a social medium I'm using only youtube, as a community platform I'll use a closed Discord server and as a valuable content & service offering channel I'll use Patreon rather than an open webshop.

Is this a German or an English site?

It is both, for the simple reason that I'm a bi-lingual German and work in both languages. Most content is translated by a certified translator - not an AI - to make it available to all my fellow Germans. The only exception are some blog articles, according to their relevance. If, for example, a blog article is about something specifically German, it won't be translated. German content is marked either "Deutsch" or "DE".

(this page contains advertising by the website provider - because nothing on the Internet is free :-) either you pay with money or space for advertising or with your personal data. If I ever earn money with this, then the advertising will stop.)

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